Mission to Millions


For the past ten years life for me has been a struggle. The only reason it was a struggle was because I was awakened. By awakened I mean I was no longer ignorant. In past I was ignorant. And during this period from 14 years old to about 20 years old I enjoyed plenty of…

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How To Get Out Of the Funk

Have you ever been in a situation where you got to do something but you wish you didn’t have to? And that thing is usually something that you’ve got planned. It’s something that is on your schedule. It could something that is important for your business, and you knew, if you had done this one…

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The Truth About Leads And Prospects

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 11.34.06 am

The truth about Leads and Prospects, CLICK TO PLAY! On this episode, Ernest Lim and I uncovered the truth about leads and prospects. The vast majority of the time within the internet marketing industry the number one reason for most people for being in this business is to MAKE MORE MONEY. With this focus in mind…

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Momentum is KEY!

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This is our fifth episode of our live broadcast instalments that we’ll convert to a podcast for our subscribers. CLICK PLAY NOW TO WATCH! The key to any success is MOMENTUM. You have to CREATE Momentum and then you want to KEEP the Momentum going to making it bigger and bolder. This is one of…

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DOUG WIERMAA Life Story And Lessons

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 8.05.51 pm

On this episode I would like to introduce you to a really good friend of mine, Doug Wiermaa. Hit Play Below To Hear Doug Wiermaa Imparting Over 60 Years Of Knowledge On This Planet. Doug is an extremely wonderful person and a brilliant achiever. He is a man of multiple talents – not mediocre –  whatever…

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How To Manage Your Little Voice

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One of the most CRITICAL components that is stopping you from success is…Click play to find out. Unless you learn to tame your little voice, you will face a lot of struggle along the path of success. If you have not realised already – after reading countless PD books and attend countless PD seminars –…

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Providing Value And Spreading Good Will

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  Watch Providing Value and Good Will Featuring TAM DANG and ERNEST LIM If you are here early hang tight, we are on shortly.   This is our Second Episode of Providing Value and Spreading Good Will Webcast. We want to do a live Google hangouts and then take the audio and add that to our…

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A New Beginning

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 8.54.17 pm

Watch Now… In this Hangout Ernest Lim and myself, sharing with you our experiences in the Personal Development ], Marketing and Business space. This is  our first live Hangout I hope you enjoy it. This hangout will also be turned into a podcast audio for our audiences on that platform. In these audios I want…

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This Is Why I Work So Hard…For Bigger Acts of Kindness!


This is why I work so hard… In situations like this, I want to be able to not only give a substantial amount to help her out but I want to be able to give an amount that can change her life! Actually something similar to this happened recently. It didn’t happened with me, it…

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1st Day of the Master Facilitator Program | Blair Singer | Sentosa Singapore


Coming to this event, the Master Facilitator Program, I had no idea what to expect I just know it’s going to be intensive and it’s going to be transformative. The transformation is going to happen for me this I know for a fact because I am LOOKING for a transformation. Of course, if you have…

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