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Is it possible to make money with Texting?

Make money texting


The answer is a big blatant YES!

There are many ways you can make money with texting.

In my opinion making money texting is much easier than marketing a product online, or making coffee offline or picking fruits in the summer.

If you’re an online marketer who don’t have much luck with online marketing, or a back packer low on cash traveling, I would definitely check out mobile messaging and how to make money texting.

Making money texting is as easy as making money doing surveys…but texting can be a lot more exciting and sometimes challenging because you are required to use some creativity.

In this post I will reveal to you 2 different ways you can instantly start making money texting.

There Are Two Options To Make Money Texting

Make Money Texting Option 1:


Make money texting


You are an Expert in Mobile Message marketing.

Your job is to help small business owners use Text Messaging as a Marketing vehicle for their business.

You make money when you introduce small business owners to use your texting service.

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Make money Texting Option 2:

The first option allow you to be the “EXPERT” of Text messaging, the second option allow you to use make money texting from your own mobile devices from home or any where in the world.

You make money texting answering questions and having a conversation with clients.

Make money texting


You will not need to build client list as the first option, the client list will be provided for you, you job is to entertain them.

For example, you have seen on TV where they advertise “text XYZ to this number to speak with a hot chick”.…well you get to be the hot chick!

To learn more about this way of making money with texting follow the companies below.

Text121Chat http://text121chat.com

Purple Plus People http://adultstaffing.com

Beside making money texting have you tried making money Blogging?

People can almost deny it as much as they want…but the fact of the matter is the blogging is here to stay for the long haul…

Funny story…

I have friends who doesn’t even have a Facebook account!

I remember times in the early days when Facebook just got known, many of my friends were utterly against using it calling it stupid and a waste of time.

Well, they all, except for a couple of them now have a Facebook account….

Even my Dad have a Facebook account that’s gotta tell you something!

But there are still a small amount of my friends who are still denying the use of Facebook, by their ego, they are missing out on the benefits of a “staying connected with friends”.

I am sharing this with you because a lot of people are still denying the use the internet to create an income.

A lot of small business owners are still ignorant about how the internet can help their business and they are trying desperately to ignore the up ward trend of internet use by other small business owners.

All I am saying my friend, is that, if you keep denying you will fall years and years behind, while people are going through the learning curve today, and six months from now they will reap the benefit of a substantial income online.

BLOGGING is becoming more main stream.

Blogging is becoming the THING to make money on the internet.

More people are making money blogging than you actually realized.

Empower Network they have 100,000 members blogging on their platform.

95% of those people are making an income.

The top 5% are getting 50k to 250k per month.

*Income disclaimer: Your results are not guaranteed, you might even lose money because you are lazy, but if you work hard you earn from 1k a day to 3k a day minimum.*

Blogging to make money is very easy though.

It’s hard for some because they were never taught properly “HOW”

And they did not get giving a simple to use system that was built with the prupose of making money.

Usually there are too many steps involved.

Let me share with a system that take away ALL of the hard work for you.

With $25 you can start to blog in the next 30 minutes!

No pluggin, no installation, no optimization, no customization.

Just plug in and start BLOGGING!

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Make money texting



Tam Dang
“Success Is Within You”

Make money texting

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