Hi, I’m Tam Dang, Internet Marketing Entrepreneur, Chair and Chief Marketing officer in one of the largest strawberry farms in Australia, SSS STRAWBERRIES.

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Here’s what I am all about….

You are a business owner with online assets like blogs, your own store (on eBay or Etsy) or affiliate marketing network.

Perhaps you have an offline business where you sell or offer services, and you want to jumpstart an online presence.

However, you really need a way to make money, or make MORE money with your online businesses.

Some of the problems you may be facing are:

  • How can I get more traffic to my blog?
  • How can I get more interaction on my social media page?
  • I don’t know the first thing about email lists. How do I build one?
  • How do I reach potential customers and clients?

If you have wondered any of this, then I can definitely help you. I have created and published an extensive collection of articles, videos, and photo collages to point you in the right direction.

This kind of marketing is more than just marketing – it’s marketing with PASSION.

  • Passion turns marketing from tedious and technical to terrific!
  • Passion makes marketing come alive. I want to help business owners market with passion.
  • Marketing with passion really expresses the true heart and soul of your business – and yourself.

How Tam Dang Can Help You Create More Income

So many small business owners think that marketing is about creating big, expensive ads to run on TV and radio.

Or they think that it means creating their own ads and plastering them anywhere and everywhere.

Either way, the marketing campaigns of some small business owners can be underdeveloped. All they need is the proper structure and a push in the right direction.

I am here to help small business owners create affordable, but very effective marketing campaigns that create large returns.

While there is no guarantee that any marketing campaign will work, I will still help build your brand and provide fodder for campaigns that will generate returns.

I can help small business owners test and tweak their marketing campaigns to fine tune them for the most return.

More About Tam Dang

I am an internet marketer, specializing in email marketing. I have traveled the world, met famous and successful people and continue to build an online empire.

This is my home. tam dangs house

This home is more than just a place to eat and sleep. It represents the decades of sacrifice, dedication, recovery from setbacks and hard work that I have demonstrated.

For me, family is one of the most important aspects of my life.

I love getting together with my family and celebrating holidays, birthdays and weddings.

Who doesn’t?

My biggest point I want to make about love of family is that it carries over into my professional relationships as well. I like to get to know people, learn about them, help them succeed and become closer.

You can never know too many people, or have too many family members.

Therefore, I consider people I closely work with in business family as well, people to be cherished, people I share experiences and successes with, as well people with whom I can lift up during the trying times.

Early Years

At the age of three, I was woken from a sound sleep in the middle of the night in our home in Vietnam. At that time, political changes threatened my family’s way of life.

Our only way to maintain a life of freedom and choice was to leave our homeland.

Difficult decision, yes, but the journey proved to be even more difficult.

For four long years, I spent living in limbo in a refugee camp in Indonesia.

Finally, we were granted entry into Australia. We had a new chance. Finally.

newspaper tam dang

My family’s story, featured in the news. Read it here.

Because we were farming in Indonesia, it seemed only natural to start a farm in Australia. Yet it was a huge risk – there were really no other farms like the one we wanted to start – a strawberry farm.

Australia has a reputation for having the harshest climate on earth as well as the deadliest and most vicious wildlife.

That didn’t stop me from selling strawberries on the side of the road or tilling the land in the punishing heat to help my family business.

We, SSS Strawberries, became one of the largest strawberry farms in Australia. Now, I sit on the board of directors and I am also the Chief Marketing Officer.

tam dang paddockTaking a picture with the supervisors on my family’s farm.

Helping You Market at the Dawn of the Information Age

The key word here is information. I travel the world, feeding my brain with knowledge and my spirit with passion from our great contemporaries. People like Robert Kiyosaki, financial guru and prolific author; and Tony Robbins, motivational speaker and life coach, both of whom I’ve personally met.

tony robbins

Tony Robbins, life coach to the stars, and I.

All of my experiences, knowledge and expertise are here, available to you, to anyone, who has a business and needs help breaking into the information age.

I teach people how to use the internet to reach more people than they ever thought possible. I challenge business owners to tap into the power of limitless thinking and help them learn how to direct traffic to their sites, build a social media following, but especially, create a strong, responsive email list.

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tam elephant

Making the Stage Event – Thailand, 2012

I use the power of events to network with others, creating joint ventures by combining the knowledge of two powerful individuals and present it to my clients.

I provide training and consulting to you and assist with opening your mind to income streams you may have never imagined.

There are several ways to contact me:

Skype: thanhdang7


Facebook Page





Email: Tamdang.marketing[@]gmail.com

Phone: +61 [402 067 956]


Marketing in the information age is exciting, energizing, and best of all, lucrative. Connect with me and let’s see how we can take your business to the next level.

tam dang skydive


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