Avoid common Facebook Marketing mistakes

While Facebook marketing is a great platform for all business houses both big and small, you need to be aware of the pitfalls and avoid the mistakes. Let’s use this space to understand that marketing through facebook can be done effectively by bypassing some of the things we often overlook.

If you are a marketer who is confident that Facebook marketing is THE thing that could promote your brand to new heights, you probably are right but at the same time don’t loose of the things you should avoid to make the journey a smooth sailing one.

A major Facebook marketing related problem is to know where to draw the line between the personal and the professional. While Facebook marketing thrives on the personal touch between the owner of the business and their clients, there is such a thing as allowing too much of the real person coming through. This is more difficult if you own a small business and run it personally and oversee all the marketing aspects.

While it’s nice to keep in touch with your clients and interact with them on different aspects, beware of divulging too much of the person you are. Strangely enough most people do not want to see a brand sprouting personal information, no matter how curious the onlookers may be. The ideal situation would be a judicious mix between the both.

There are many business houses which have a profile of their own but forget to have a fan page. You need to of course start off with a profile page but follow it up with a Facebook fan page too. This could add a lot of width to you Facebook marketing. A Fan Page can have more than the 5000 people allotted for a profile page and can be very useful for marketing your business on Facebook. Marketing from your Facebook profile page will have its limitations as well as not being really encouraged by the Facebook team.

Being seen and being heard amounts to being known on Facebook marketing jargon. Don’t make the mistake of not following up and updating your status from time to time. Facebook gives you a wide range of options for keeping in touch with your fan base. You could for example, upload articles, post photographs about Company events, write notes to inform people about company details and involve them with your opinions. Be regular in posting new stuff, ask for opinions from time to time, encourage discussions, and basically interact. This will help all your followers keep track of company activities and make them feel involved.

Don’t make the mistake of not inviting your followers to other pages that they might be interested in. This shows a healthy attitude that will actually endear you more to your fans and keep them still rooted to you. To avoid this you could include an opt-in box on the Fan Page.

While indulging in Facebook marketing give your fans the idea that you care about them and are a part of their lives as much professionally as personally, while knowing where to draw the line. This will help you in overcoming your mistakes and take full advantage of Facebook marketing tendencies.

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  • Trinity

    Reply Reply November 20, 2013

    I have had mixed feelings about using Facebook for marketing over the years. I do have both a personal page and a fan page. The fan page is much more strictly-business and the profile page is where I do my talking back and forth with “friends”. I enjoyed reading this article and thought that there is some pretty good advice here. Thanks!

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