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Hey Guys & Gals,

I have been busy working tirelessly to put together this EBook which I have just finished and I am going to give away for free. I’ll explain why later. In the mean time let me describe what this EBook on Being the Ultimate salesman has to offer.

My job is to provide my readers and subscribers with as much solutions to your/their online problems as possible. As you know the Internet aka the world wide web” is a massive place. One can be lost in it trying to make money if one don’t know where and how to navigate around. It’s like you almost need a MAP or GPS system (I am working on a MAP or Online Making Money GPS system for you as you read). But before we get to all that good stuff  this must be the first single set of skill you have to improve on, master or at least understand the basic knowledge of it is…Of course I am talking of SALES.

When it comes to SALES everybody HATES it! Or they hate the SALESMEN. The all time most heard favorite saying about SALES by ordinary folks is ” I am not a salesman I hate sales!”. Which is understandable because like them each of us have be POPPED in the shitter hole one time or another by these Salesmen. But this is not a diss to the Salesmen in fact I respect SALESMEN. They are hard working men and women making money over fists usually putting their heart aside putting business in the forefront, equipped without guilt without shame they’ll do anything that is why they are successful.

For all the newbies looking to make money online here is a little secret YOU HAVE TO LEARN SALES!

Believe it or not you might know this to be true because you’re probably one of them, most people often learn MARKETING before they learn SALES, that’s the biggest mistake anyone can make when starting out online, hence so many people fail ONLINE

I am not suggesting MARKETING isn’t important  it is… it is the MOST important thing next to SALES. Anyone who object can answer me this…what is the use of spending money buying traffic if you can’t sell them to make a profit?!

We’ll talk more about Marketing another time, keep an eye out for my next EBook because it’s on Marketing!

The Ultimate Salesman by Tam Dang outline some of the most useful selling techniques you will ever learn. It is written for beginners and professionals. I am sure no matter what skill level you’re at there is something in the book for you.

For the moment I am giving this book away to my subscribers because i am generous and I need feed backs. I will eventually sell The Ultimate Salesman for $47. Until then give me your email a download link will be posted to you immediately so you can start reading right now.


  • Esther Farness

    Reply Reply November 30, 2011

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  • Ian Aurino

    Reply Reply May 23, 2012

    Hey Tam. I didn’t realise your site was this developed… Kudos to you man, I’ll have a read around your site.

  • Mel

    Reply Reply June 5, 2012

    Hey Tam, thanks for the good info. i will definitely take this on board and will implement these tactics in my blogs.

    Happy Blogging


  • Kristin Radzioch

    Reply Reply November 18, 2013

    Wow this sounds great! I would love to read this book. This is exactly the kind of thing I need. I would agree that I know a ton about marketing.. especially online marketing but I do really struggle with sales. I need to learn this skill!

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