How I made Top 25 on the leader board and didn’t even know about it!

This extremely hilarious and inspiring at the same time…

I have heard stories of people making big successes without knowing they have made successes before, I always thought they were BSing around!

I remember in 2009 when out of no where David Wood rocked Mike Dillard’s leadership board taking out the competition putting everyone in awe!

A week later or so Mike’s team contacted David to hand him the gift and they made a not of David saying he had no idea that the competition was on and that he was just marketing and didn’t know he had won the competition.

Well…I heard that and didn’t believe it then but I do believe it now because it just happened to me!


Top 25 leaderboard

Here is the honest truth…

In a minute as you read this you will learn what had I learned from the lesson of the event above that is going to explode your business…

But before we get to all that you have to know where and what I have been up to for the last 3 months…

Since the Blog Beast launch I decided to take a HUGE break from Internet Marketing.

I felt I deserved it.

For the last 12 months I had my head down and worked really hard to achieve results.

I join Empower Network late December 2012 and with a burst of mega energy

The energy came from an Elite Speaker event held by T.Harv Eker which cost about 10k per person that I attend during that time.

It is called “Making The Stage”.

“Making The Stage” was a place where you can get personally trained by the world’s best Speakers including T.Harv Eker himself.

I was pumped when I left Thailand and was ready to tackle any challenges the world have to offer…

Looking for an opportunity, Empower Network fell on to my lap!

To keep this story short I joined the company immediately, went ALL IN my first day – this is an investment of about 5k.

I was determined to make the money back and much much more

Actually my intention at this time was to make at least 10k per month

Because I’ve set an intention I went doing everything I could to achieve this result.

again to keep this story short….

  • I went from zero to $4600 in my first 90 days.
  • I traveled to Orlando, Austin, Miami, Chicago & Denver
  • I went from no where to be found to Top 50 in the company affiliate competition out of 70,000 affiliates!
  • I went from no one has heard of me to people contacting me all over to do interviews etc…

To sum it all up what a blast the whole year has been.

I know I have worked hard

Now, let’s talk about the last 3 months.

I decided it was time for a break

I had learned much,

I had achieved much

Now is the time to reflect on the year and see how I am able to find maybe the best most productive and simplest way to move forward building my business and be getting the greatest results with the littlest amount of work.


You want the secret?

Here it is…


Email your list! Its that simple!

For the last 3 months I had done nothing in my business to help it grow

The only thing I did was emailed out a couple of emails to my list to stay in contact with them and…

Blow and behold! As I flip on Facebook I found that I am on the leader board as one of the top 25!

Mmmm interesting isn’t it?…

What if I emailed  more then I did and applied more efforts then I did? Would my results have been better?

What if I did not email my list? I wouldn’t be on the leader board at all right?

And here is the funny thing…

I know a lot of people within Empower Network that works their tail off to build Empower.

They create Create posts in FB groups, they create fb invitations, they make cut kick ass videos –  all sorts of different thing

But where are they on the leader board?


I literally emailed my list 3 times in the last 3 months and I am top 25!

This tells that the other people who are not on the leader board at all are not emailing their list

I don’t care if they only have 50 people – they are not emailing their list! Period.

There it is my friends..


The secret is EMAIL your list get them involve in what you are doing and make sure you keep it consistent.

I was on holidays for the last 3 months lazy to email my list and still made some incredible sales – YOU CAN TOO!

Just focus on emailing your list!

If you have not joined Empower Network yet my friends here is the link CLICK TO JOIN NOW.

Empower will Teach you all you need to know about marketing effectively online.

We’ll teach you the 3 fundamentals of marketing online (3 IS ALL YOU NEED TO SUCCEED ONLINE)

  • How to create traffic
  • How to Capture leads
  • and How to Convert leads into sales

JOIN NOW and bypass all the time consuming building your own website stuff – you get a Personalized blog instantly made!

JOIN NOW and you don’t need to create any products – The product available inside are top in the industry!

JOIN NOW and you don’t have to worry about up selling, you don’t have to even think about selling – David Wood & David Sharpe will do this for you!

The Empower funnel is already in place…all you have to do is put people through the funnel…

The training in the products will teach you how to do all that.

Hit this Link and JOIN NOW My friends and you’ll be working along side me to build this 10k, 20k 30k per month empire of yours in 2014!


Meet me on the inside and at the top!

 Tam Dang


Million Dollar Monk”
Helping you redefine your passion
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  • Chris Johnson

    Reply Reply April 11, 2016

    Getting those kind of surprises is really important to confidence and motivation, don’t you think?

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