How To Get Whatever You Want From Whom Ever You Want


Here is the deal, how do you get whatever you want from whom ever you want?

Read this whole blog post and you’ll learn how I promise, skipping to the end is not going to help you learn anything.

In in order to fulfil this promise I will share with you an incident that happened recently that had my Mum and I laughing in tears!

After spending 10 days in the tropic climate of Vietnam, Mum and i arrived in Brisbane just in time to get home (4 hr drive) before it will get dark.

A friend of Mum, Di Ba, called and asked if I would be kind enought o drop Mum off at her so that she can connect with an old friend.

Of course I agreed becuase I know Mum would wanted this as well.

I dropped Mum off at Di Ba’s and decided that I will go shopping for a few hours till Mum is satisfied with her catch up and then pick her up and go hm.

After shopping I finally did.

when I went to p[ick Mum up I could see in her friends eyes that she did not want Mum to go but I was sure Mum wanted to go plus Di Ba didn;t really make me fill like I have to stay so I went.

ab out 5 minutes after we left, Di Ba called and she “Your Mum and you need to come back, the hotel is beautiful and I want you and your mum to experience this High Class!”

Mum kindly said “No” and continued with “I want to really go hm to my grand children, I am sorry but I have to go!”

No matter what Mum say, DiBa was strng and adament about leaving mum behind, in the end we turned around because Mum’s friend was strong we cou.,ld not refuse.\

Here’s the funny part. We let about 15 minutes and returned because DiBa’s conviction was so story. When Mum and I arrived the first she asked mum was what would you like to do now?!

Mum Said “I want to go HOME!”

DiBa agreed and she allowed us go. <– This is why we laughed.

Had Diba say “Get out now come with me and I will allow Tam torelax in the hotel suite!”

Mum and I would have compied!

The moral of the story my friends is that you need to KNOW what you WANT otherwise pother people will tell you what you want and them they will give you what you thought need.

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