Mission to Millions

For the past ten years life for me has been a struggle.

The only reason it was a struggle was because I was awakened.

By awakened I mean I was no longer ignorant.

In past I was ignorant.

And during this period from 14 years old to about 20 years old I enjoyed plenty of happiness.

I enjoyed happiness because I was ignorant. Haha how funny is that? But its true.

I was a strong kid. I was tough. I was a quick thinker and I was witted.

When I turned 20, something in my brain opened up. I started to become aware of everything around me and I also became fearful…I cared about what others thought about me. I cared about what others thinks.

I never cared before, I do now, and all of my troubles came. I became unhappy, I became saddened by small things sometimes for no reasons.

As a third person looking at my life I can see that I had it all. And I did.

I had a beautiful wife, a beautiful house, a successful business, a great family, I was able to live and work with my family, we’ve have had our struggles but have surpassed that and now we’re very happy and very successful. . .

. . .But on inside created this dark monster!

From the outlook of my life I have no problems, on the inside I had all sorts of problems, and all my problems were created by me from within my mind.

We made a lot of money, we were able to employ many people to work for us doing the things that we did not want to do. Freeing up time, we only worked 6 months of the years and the other 6 months we’re able to enjoy our time traveling the world and learning from the masters.

I started traveling about 8 years ago, after spending 2 years listening to Tony Robbins straight every single day and night! Tony Robbins was literally talking to me in my sleep. I had Tony’s audios glued to my ears day and night. Thank god for Tony Robbins, if it wasn’t for him I would not be here.

Tony was the gateway to all of my solutions. He introduced me to the world of Personal Development and I had never looked back since. When I first listened to Tony I could not believed there were knowledge like this out there and I could not believe there was a person like this out there who cared enough to help us. You can feel that he puts all his passion and hearts into his tapes and he wanted to help all of us – all the people who are struggling in darkness – the darkness of their own mind.

Tony marked the first turning point in my life. The second turning point in my life was when I met Blair singer.

Blair And Thanh

Blair Singer is currently my teacher. He isn’t officially but I have adopted him. He is my teacher also because I am one of his certified trainers, I am on my way to receive certification and when I do I will be able to train Blair’s courses all around the world.

I cannot wait. It will happen. I want to thank Blair for giving an opportunity for me to do so because if it wasn’t for Blair for his visions and for giving up his course, I would not be on this journey and I would not be moving towards the direction I am moving now.

I love it! And what awaits ahead is surely exciting to think about. Of course I want to be bigger then this, this will serve as stepping for me to grow into the person that I can be. The path to freedom for me is to sell, sell and sell.

The path to freedom. . .hence, the to path to Millions. . .Millions not as in a Million dollars but a million people!

My million, is to transform over a Million lives and I am going to do it with the Blair and the Blair Singer Team!

BOOOM!!! Can’t Wait!!!


Talk Soon Guys, Peace!

Thanh Dang

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