Money Management Secrets From Lawrence Tam And Chris Record

Just got off an awesome hangout with Lawrence Tam and Chris Record.

This Hangout was a private Hangout for Team Take Massive Action members who have Gone All In at the Master’s Level.

On this Hangout, Hangout week #5 Lawrence talks about money management and how to, not get, but KEEP more of it.

I am a kind of person who completely spends every single dollar that I have.

I love to give away money, I can give away money (spend) as easy as me doing a back flip…and trust me that’s easy to do.

Does this mean that I am not attacthed to money? Does this mean that it’s a good thing?

No. I don’t think in my case I am very responsible with money.

Not being attached to money is not the same as being able to give away money.

You have to be responsible with your money and the concept of management and being money wise is all about how much you VALUE money.

and there is a flip side voin to this.

Some people VALUE money to much, they horde it, they become greedy and mentally hurt themeselves because they VALUE money too highly.

You need to value money, learn to love it and appreciate it but do not put mone your most priority.

Your Family, your Passion, your Freedom, your kids college tuition, helping people.

these are things that should be on your high priority list.

You need to Value these things more and at the same time you need to Value money.

I hope I am not confusing you with money.

Bottom line is be smart with your money.

Your money is not easier to attain so appreciate it, don’t throw your money around because you have responsibilities and those around you your love ones need it.

Unfortunately I can’t post the Hangout with Lawrence Tam and Chris Record here because it’s for our Master’s level team members only.

If you want to watch the recording all you have to do is Join Empower Network become apart of Team Take Massive Action Go All In (meaning buy all the products at the Master’s level) and you will get access to this 2 hr plus video.  Click below to Join Now.


The purpose of this post is for you to realize how important money management is and this is just a simple reminder to be responsible with your money.

Be Blessed,

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  • JessicaE

    Reply Reply November 18, 2013

    I really need to learn how to manage my money better. No matter how much I make I also have trouble hanging onto it. I spend money much to quickly, freely and easily. I look at my sister who always has money when she needs it. I always have to figure out how to make more because I run out all the time. I need to use a budget or something but I always avoid doing things like that and kind of just fly by the seat of my pants.

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