Tam Dang’s Success Story in Business

Here is a Quick snap shot of my Life thus far…


From War torn Vietnam to Living In Luxury in Australia, I feel like I can’t be more blessed.

This my home one of the Sunny Beaches Of Queensland…


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From Selling Strawberries on the roadside to owning one of the largest Strawberry farms in Queensland, Australia.





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A Struggle Internet Marketer getting ZERO leads a day to more then I ever want and making up to $3000 in a Day.



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I thank Universe every day for my Fortune.

…Of course all this success is due to a lot of hard work, commitment and determination…

If you for a second think that success can come to you easily or you are “Waiting” for success to come, WAKE UP!

The more you wait the more Success will eludes you.

“Opportunity comes once in a lifetime, you gotta grab it!” – Unkown

Time is of the essence, why have success later when you can have it NOW?

If you’re reading this – take control of your life and Take Massive Action.

There is no other way to succeed then to “Work Hard”.

If you’re willing to work hard success is only around the bend.

“To build and Empire…do it one Brick at a Time”

“Even a Turtle have to stick it’s head out to win the race”

“The Law of Attraction is useless without ACTION”

If there was a secret ot success I would have to say that it is “Take Action”

Without take the necessary action how can you expect the results you want?

My friends be blessed

If all I want you to take out of this page – is the fact you should Take Massive Action to Succeed.

Tam Dang & Robert Kiyosaki
Here I am with Robert Kiyosaki on the Carnival Cruise sailing the Caribbean.

Tam Dang & Alex Mandosian
Here I am with Alex Mandosian at VIP Party, Melbourne Australia.


Tony Robbins & Tam DangHere I am with Tony Robbins…It’s a great privilege to hangout,
learn from and get mentored by this man. Gold Coast, Australia.


Blair Singer & Tam Dang

With Blair Singer, Sydney Australia.

Be Blessed,

Tam Dang
“Online Marketing Consultant, Self Help Coach, Entrepreneur”

PS Life is about the JOURNEY sometimes we all forget that, so enjoy. No matter where you are at, you can only grow from there! 🙂




  • Jordania

    Reply Reply November 5, 2014

    WOW!! Tam!! Great Story!!… 😀 Nice house!! Thank you for sharing your story! Rober Kiyosaki, Tony Robins!! You are blessed indeed!! Very inspirational to know that no matter where you are in life whatever you can think, you can achieve 🙂 … Loved this Strawberry story 🙂

    • Tam Dang

      Reply Reply November 5, 2014

      Thank you Jordania!! I apprecitate you!! Thank you being you and openning your heart to everyone…U are the going to change a lot of lives…I believe in YOU! 🙂

  • Chris Johnson

    Reply Reply April 11, 2016

    Wow, man! You have come a long way and by the way, who wants to own a strawberry farm? 🙂

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