The Truth About Leads And Prospects

The truth about Leads and Prospects, CLICK TO PLAY!

On this episode, Ernest Lim and I uncovered the truth about leads and prospects.

The vast majority of the time within the internet marketing industry the number one reason for most people for being in this business is to MAKE MORE MONEY.

With this focus in mind people tend to go out to the market place and scout around for the best product that suit them so that they can sell.

Some of their reasons are “I am looking for an easy product to sell”, “…a non expensive product to sell”, “…a product that I am passionate about”, “…an expensive product to sell for higher commissions” etc. Once the got the product they go out and start generating leads looking for a sale, however, with this kind of thinking in mind, most people’s focuses are only on themselves.

Through the whole process I described above, what do you think are the chances of people with these mindsets make a lot of money?

They DON’T.

And they WON’T.

Their FOCUS is in the WRONG PLACE.

When your focus is only on just “Making Money” you’re only focusing on your own outcomes, instead, you want to focus on your customer’s outcome.

By focusing on just making money, you will only view an email as an email instead of viewing this email as a person and person with a need that you can serve.

By viewing every email as a person you realise that this person also gave you permission to email them straight to their inbox – for this your should feel honoured!

They have RESPECTED you enough to give you consent to “TEACH THEM”, and they have also told you “I have allowed you to be a leader and my teacher”.. how do you feel about it now? knowing that this is what a person is saying/thinking when they submit their email to you.

Really Cool huh?

In the video above, Ernest and I dug deep into the psychology of the marketer and the Customers and what you could do better to improve your marketing and male more sales.

Scroll right back above and watch the video and tell me one biggest take away you got in the comments below.

Thanh Dang


  • Mark

    Reply Reply April 17, 2016

    You have a point. People tend to only think about themselves especially when trying to decide what product to promote. I would never promote something I haven’t tried for myself but others do this all the time. Also, if a product is no good I would never try to sell it to others. I’m always thinking win-win because, ultimately, everyone has to win. If everyone gets something out of it then I’m happy. Thinking about others is the first step in becoming a better seller/affiliate marketer.

  • Dylan

    Reply Reply April 17, 2016

    Definitely, if you whole purpose is money, get out of this field, you won’t make it. Yes you need a good product, but it also has to be in demand by people. Don’t worry about the commission, if it’s a great product, then you will sell enough of it and bring in the money.

    • Fred Castillo

      Reply Reply April 21, 2016

      >Definitely, if you whole purpose is money, get out of this field, you won’t make it.

      Well, I think that’s a little disingenuous. Let’s be real – we’re all in this for the money. The thing is, if you actually want to make any, you have to be smart about it.

  • Ann

    Reply Reply April 18, 2016

    Tam, I absolutely love what you said in the beginning, about building a relationship with your customers. That is how you MUST look at this….not that they’re just your personal bank roll. Yes, we all want to make money from this, but depending on your relationship with the customers, do you want to make a lot overnight and bam!, done? Or, do you want it to last? The way I look at it, customers (in any field) will come back for more business if you make an effort to get to KNOW them. And I love the saying Ernie used, a “goodwill bank account”. I see and hear too many people not look at their customers this way, and I tell them, they won’t be at the top for too long if they don’t do better customer service. granted, we’re just starting out, but we’ve done pretty good so far, and we definitely keep in touch with our customers and let them present and ideas to us, as we do the same for them. To be successful in this business, you have to be willing to show your appreciation.

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