This Is Why I Work So Hard…For Bigger Acts of Kindness!

This is why I work so hard…


In situations like this, I want to be able to not only give a substantial amount to help her out but I want to be able to give an amount that can change her life!

Actually something similar to this happened recently. It didn’t happened with me, it happened with my mum and I am involved indirectly of course.

Every year my mum travel across Asia to help people who are less fortunate. She would travel on foot to reach small villagers hard to reach and gives them new homes, boats, bikes, bridges and water fountains.



She also helps people with blindness get to see again and people with tumours to remove them…

Mum is able to travel and give blessings each year because my family combined our efforts and work together, mum would take 10% of the company’s profits and share the blessings where she sees fits.

In the recent trip to Nepal this year, mum and her entourage encountered a problem quite severe and urgent.

The town they were at was just hit by a natural disaster that destroyed many homes. With the amount of homes that were destroyed, a small amount of people have restored their homes while over 80% of people are still homeless.

In order to help these 80% still homeless they needed about $20,000, with $20,000 everybody can get their homes back.

Most people in this situation would have just said that they wish that they have the money to help, they want to help but they can’t.

Fortunately for everyone there, my family has been working very hard – in some cases we work hard for this exact reasons – mum has the exact amount of money that they needed to fulfil this need.

Mum announced to everyone that she have $20,000 for them and I can’t tell you how great it was the feeling of knowing that WE COULD HELP THEM – To know that we CAN HELP was awesome.

I can only imagine how the villagers felt.

This is why I work so hard! … So that I can spread more love across the planet!


  • Britanica

    Reply Reply April 11, 2016

    What a beautiful story! I love hearing and reading about these things but they very rarely mention them in the news which is sad. This is the kind of things we need to see on TV, not the crap they spew at us on a day to day basis! Kee spreading the love!

  • Chris Johnson

    Reply Reply April 11, 2016

    Absolutely nothing wrong with being nice to a stranger. There are many times when that pays off and when you think it is not going to, the surprise is just as good!

  • Jessica

    Reply Reply April 19, 2016

    Oh my gosh these stories brought tears to my eyes. I wish I could meet Edith. She seems so sweet…she’s also an amazing lady for wanting to give up the money she had for the month. I’m sure she was so thankful that an honest person found the money.

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