Content Marketing / Web2.0 is THE HOTTEST trend on the internet today. As marketers, we have an incredible opportunity to get in on the “ground floor” and benefit from “first mover advantage”.

Content Marketing is much more than just posting articles to a website. It includes hundreds of websites, and several different components. This strategy is extremely low cost, and can be extremely effective if executed properly.


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Strategy #1 : Content Sharing Websites

Content ? Article marketing is simply about creating quality unique content and posting it many social web2.0 websites such as the ones listed below. This is an incredibly powerful strategy.

WATCH VIDEO #1 >>>Content Sharing Strategies

WATCH VIDEO #2 >>>Creating Your First Squidoo Lens

Some suggestions for article posting websites are:



Here’s a Basic Outline for a Content Sharing Strategy and adding to it Social News Sites, Social Bookmarking Sites, Blogs, and Pings.

STEP 1: Post an article (content) on several of the web2.0 Content Sharing and Blog sites such as:

STEP 2: Do a snippet post on the news tpe sites like and link these to your articles (content) :

STEP 3: Then point Social Bookmarkers at the snippet posts & also at the content itself:
You can use a service called as a bulk social bookmarker.

STEP 4: Take the RSS feed from the blog sites AND the social bookmarkers and run it through

You can do all your posting of RSS feeds with this software:


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