Warrior Power Japan: Attendance With A Difference

Most of people know T.Harv Eker and his famous Millionaire mind Intensive program but not many people have probably hear of Warrior Power Japan, also created by T.Harv Eker , Peak Potentials and the Success Resources team.

Warrior Power Japan is a new program just created solely for Japanese participants. The event is to be carried out over the course of the Quantum Leap program and it is the condensed very of Enlighten Warrior Camp in Malaysia.

The two program cannot be compared though. Participants have totally different experiences as they enter the room and with their “No expectations” mindset they are taken an experience that is new level and they will not forget what Warrior Power Japan have done to them.

As per the title of this post “Warrior Power Japan: “Attendance” with a Difference” I intend to focus on a different view of attendgin the event.

This was my first Warrio Power Japan event and I came not as a participant but I came as a crew memeber.

I volunteer my time to be here. I paid for my own flights. I paid for my own accomodations. I spent over 2k to be at this event with my own money.

I did this without flinching one bit. I did not hesistate to tka eut he opportunity to assist the event orgnanizers and participants with support to bring the event to its highest level.

As a crew memebr the experience is totally diferent to thsat of the participants. I have no time to sit and relax to obsorb the information. I have broken up sections of time to sit to soak upt he informtion but they I have to get up and run again. I have and the other crew memebrs only have our duty in minds and there for our experience is totally diferent.

I got what I am suppose to get. the participant gets what they are suppose to get.

If you are readying this and thinking of going to Wattiot pwer japan I urge you to douro so but do it wiht no expectations is the best approach you can however, and should, have questions in youe mind that you may need answering. Ask your self these questions throughtout the event an you will have your answers. the world works in mysterious way and it almost always conspire to help you move for – with one condintion you must know what you want.

Once you have attended crewingis the best way to continue your learning  and personal development. On this side of the fence you get takn to yet another level of personal growth. You will learn to deal with your own ego. You will learnt o put yourself aside and put the participants (others) first.


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