Welcoming 2017!!!

This year, 2016, was a huge year for me. I had a great plan I followed this plan quite closely and was on track to achieve my goals, all was sound until “something” happened.

This “Something” changed everything for me. It took me by surprise, it was so out of my planning that it took me to a whole new level in Personal and Business life that I never did imagined..Actually, I have imagined it, it is just that I never anticipated it to come so soon.

In May 2016, I was scheduled to fly to Phoenix to meet with Blair Singer and his team of Trainers from around the world, we were there for the purpose of  attending Robert Kiyosaki’s first “Draft” of the Entrepreneur Development Program or EDP for short.

Excited as was many of the trainers who were there, we were told we had the opportunity to lead the EDP once Blair and Robert has finalised the outline of the program.

During this trip I met many wonderful entrepreneurs from around the world, met many of my BSTA team members that I had connect with online but for the first time face to face.

This was the first time I met with 3 of Blair’s very top leading trainers. Barry Mitchell, Jason Everett and Alfredo Culebro. These 3 gentleman has been working with Blair for over a decade, each train Blair’s program on a different continent.

I was thrilled to learn for the first time that besides us, the BSTA trainers, that Blair had other more seasoned “senior” trainers. What this meant was that I can learn a lot from them.

I decided that during one of the lunch breaks I have to ask one of the top 3 guys out to lunch, this will give me an opportunity to pick their brains.

They are training the Sales Explosion Program (SEP) at the moment and my goal is to train the SEP in the near future, so it makes total sense for me to ask one of these 3 folks for advice as they have traveled the road I want to travel on.

One of the top 3 that I managed to snatch for lunch with me was Barry Mitchell. Looking back in hind sight, out of the 3 top trainers, Barry was the best choice for me, he could not have been better.

Barry was/is hungry, his advice were sharp and to the point and he offered to come to Australia to do an SEP with me so I can watch what he does. I don’t believe the other 2 top trainers would have made the same offer. I would never have asked Barry – I didn’t know I could and I had no intentions of becoming a promoter.

So, the big “Something” that happened I spoke about above was Barry. Specifically the fact that Barry’s asked the question “Would you like me to do a SEP in Australia so that you can learn what I do?”

I took a huge GULP of air before I said yes and the rest was history.

I went back home to Bundaberg and began the process of promoting and sharing and producing a good event. I had known nothing about event production and here I am doing it from A to Z.

I had 12 weeks to make the magic happen. 4 weeks left and that was when the panic started to set in. However, within that 4 weeks I was the most productive.

I would have to say that I brought about 60 people into the SEP only with 4 weeks of work. The time before that was myself prepping, Building sites, searching for venues, finding the right method to transaction and processing money, procrastinate, trying new marketing methods – didn’t work – tried another and so on.

The last 4 weeks was when I rolled up my sleeves up and went door to door. It wasn’t 100% cold call, about 25% was to businesses and people that I had already built a relationship with. And within this 25% was the 60 pax for my event.

I consider the SEP in Bundaberg a success. My goal now is bring the SEP to Brisbane.

2017 will be a huge year.

The one question from Barry shifted my whole life – we’ll see if its going to be forever. I am now looking to relocate to Brisbane so that I can work open an office and work on my new event promotional business and take on my role as CEO of the new company I just newly incorporated called SUCCESS ENTERPRISES.

The long term goal with Success Enterprises is to provide more trainings for more business owners and entrepreneurs all around Australia. I start now with Blair Singer and Barry Mitchell, in the future I hope to bring into Australia more highly success speakers to Australia and I also want to create a platform for my friends and team members who are up and coming Speakers and Trainers.

Watch the video below to see the result of  the Sales Explosion Program in Bundaberg. 2017, I am ready!

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