What is LinkedIn Marketing?

With so much talk about social network and marketing, you simply can’t be left behind if you want to increase the visibility of your brand. So what is LinkedIn marketing all about?

In a nut shell LinkedIn is a social networking site, that is dedicated to help promote professionals and their business and career oriented objectives. The site has a data base of more than 35 million professional in different sectors. Keeping in mind the fact that this is a huge prospect of meeting people from different industries, it makes a lot of sense to register yourself in this website.
With LinkedIn marketing you get to meet a huge number of professionals who may in some way help you in your business and also turn future partners/clients. Moreover this is a place to connect with like minded people, which helps you make new business contacts. LinkedIn marketing is also a great way of building up on your networks with the right people your want to be known with.

In order to start off with LinkedIn marketing, you need to be registered on the website. Once you are a registered member, you can create your own personal profile, which has information about yourself, what you do, your brand or company. You can also add information about your products and services. In fact LinkedIn marketing is one of the best ways of promoting yourself and your professional achievements. People can know about your experience in the industry as well as about your professional accomplishments.

It is advised that once you are a member you maintain an active profile, where you regularly update your achievements, any new avenues that you might have ventured into, etc. You can also invite new professionals who are not on the website and increase your network.

LinkedIn marketing helps you in lending a personal touch to marketing activities, which is very effective. Moreover you can add contacts and even recommend them to specific areas of expertise that would help them. This will help you in gaining a positive reputation and also be recommended by them in other ventures where your expertise is needed.
LinkedIn marketing allows you business opportunities in the form of connecting with service providers, prospective clients, joint venture partners, suppliers, and consultants, who might be of tremendous use in expanding and growing your business prospects.

Apart from LinkedIn marketing, the website provides professionals with the opportunity to improve their knowledge base, learn about different aspects of similar industry from experienced people, and keep themselves up-to-date on different industry related activities, etc. Interestingly you can also create your own groups and invite people from similar background to participate in discussions that are part of the group.

LinkedIn marketing
helps you to project-

– Your experience in the industry
– Your company profile
– Your affiliations, websites, blogs
– Your product/service

Participating in discussions and your keeping yourself up-dated about industry related activities has the effect of giving you an edge over others. This will help you in projecting yourself as an expert on the industry you are in. This can help in the marketing your services/products while establishing yourself as a person who is respected in your field.

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  • Trinity

    Reply Reply November 20, 2013

    Interesting. I do have a LinkedIn profile set up for my company and have made some connections with others. A lot of the people I am connected with are business contacts that I already had. I have not used LinkedIn so far as a marketing tool but I will have to start using it more often. I can imaging that there is a lot of great potential there.

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