What You Think Responsible For Holding You Back From Your Success Is Not What You Think It Is…

What is your action plan?

Every kid is successful they get exactly what they want because they KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT!

ON top of this the ASK for what they want…actually let me rephrase that they NAG UNTIL THEY GET GIVEN WHAT THEY WANT!

Whether this would be mum’s attention because I am doing cart wheels or it’s the dry noodles he wanted to eat so bad since lunch – now it’s dinner so he must it!

Are you ASKING as relentless as these kids we know?

Some of you may need to KNOW WHAT YOU WANT FIRST in order to ASK!

Some of you may be struggling to ASK  because you have no clue what it is that you want.

Quick Story…

I was contact by a friend I know a long time ago through Facebook.

This friend wanted to ask me a product sold by Alex Mandossian…

The product was a about Google hangout and my friend wanted to know what the product actually entails because he’s looking to make an investment and he wanted to know what he was going to get from the course.

Quite frankly I told him I have no idea what he’ll get from the course because I have not done it…

BUt what I can tell him is that the course is going to teach him probably how to conduct effective hangouts (it’s a no brainer this one)

I turn the table and asked my friend what is it that he is looking to achieve?

A simple question but he had no direct answer…

after several minutes of thinking about it and asking why I asked him

He came up with the conclusion that he wants to create passive income online.

(This is great now we have progress)

The reason I asked him “what is it that he is looking for exactly?”, the reason I asked this was because I needed my friend to know what he wants first in order for him to figure out next then what he was looking for…

And if I knew what he want I can better help direct my friend in the right the direction.

Here’s is a great example as you have read that my friend was aimlessly looking at a product that he was going to invest thousands into, asking what the product can give him – instead of looking for the product he know will give him what he wants.

For example if wanted to learn COPY WRITING he can easily search for Copy Writing ourses and purchased them!

Or If he wanted to build capture pages he can key those words into the search and find the product that will help him do that.

So here is the BIG challenge my friend

You NEED to KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT before you can begin your search.

Do you and me a huge favour by taking an 1hr or half a day and plan out exactly what you want and then go after people and places that will help you make your quest a success.

Stop being The WATER that follows the STREAM , but be the STREAM to Direct The Water!


All the best my Friends!

Tam Dang

“Million Dollar Monk”

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  • Chris Johnson

    Reply Reply April 11, 2016

    I think if I were more organized and real with what I really want, it would come much easier and with much less work. Being efficient is something that I am always trying to do. Thanks!

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