When you truly wants success, you’ll never give up on it

“Just know, when you truly wants success, you’ll never give up on it…no matter how bad the situation may gets!”

9 years ago I picked up my very first book. (one without pictures in it)

This book, titled “Rich Dad Poor Dad” launched me into the world of Business, Entrepreneurship and Personal Development and I have not looked back since.

As you can tell from the sentence above, I struggled with Education.

I have always loved books as a kid, but I was never able to read, the reason for this was while growing up I had no directions and no guidance.

My parents were immigrants who had no Education and no English, they had 7 kids and a country of foreigners to deal with.

I was 7 years young when we first came to Australia and from then every morning that I woke up my parents had already gone to work.

At night when I go to bed my parents returned.

I had no guidance and no directions.

The only direction I had was my own – it was a scenario of “a fool leading a fool”

During my late teenage years I was only concerned with Alcohol and how many Friends I had.

Drowning myself with the liquid gold was the best skill I had, I was also the loudest in the room and I was very good at getting sh*t faced.

Am I proud of all of that today?

Absolutely not.

But I have no regrets.


So looking back I have no regrets.

Tony Robbins says, “Your past does not equal your future” I believe this is true.

The smartest thing I did 9 years ago was I “Decided” to make a change.

I decided to be a better person, I decided I was going to kick everyone’s @ss at being a GOOD PERSON.

I made a decision to be HONEST WITH MYSELF, I knew I had strengths and weaknesses which I also acknowledged,

I appreciated the fact that I have them, they gave me a FIRE to improve myself because I am a competitive guy.

I knew there would be a lot of competition in the world and that they too also suffer from the limits of being human and that if I just put in a little bit extra efforts each day I could come out on top.

It has been 9 years of constant self study and Self Development since I made that decision.

I work every hour I have and during my free time I read and write and/or put something valuable into my mind.

The self study and the Self Development wont stop but what will stop today will be the thoughts of “I CAN’T DO IT” or “I am not good enough” or “I am too young”…

What will stop today my friends will be my SELF LIMITING BELIEVES I carried for most of my years.

You and I can achieve anything…

… and Everything takes time…

…In order to craft a beautiful piece of art you must dedicate to it a lot of time.

Nothing happens over night and nothing happened in the past can affect your future…

…unless you allow it.

The good news is my friends…

…it’s never too late to start over…

…and its never too early.

Life is an on going self discovery path.

The decision you make today will affect your future.

I can’t guarantee your success but can guarantee your growth…

Take action today and by tomorrow I guarantee you are at a different place.

Commit on building your own business and building better future for yourself will be the best decision you will ever make and this is what I am offering you today.



Your Friend,
Tam Dang








Tam Dang sits on the Board Of Directors for one of the most highly successful Strawberry Growing and Distribution company in Australias, SSS Strawberries.  He is also the Chief Marketing Officer. He employ and train 100 to 150 people per year to get the job done. Tam is also a Business Coach and Life Coach. He has worked with many successful entrepreneurs in the last 9 years. If you want to work with Tam click here now.

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  • Chris Johnson

    Reply Reply April 11, 2016

    I have thought about this and you are right. Any time that you really want something to happen, you put all of your resources into making that happen.

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